Essential Oil - The Explorers kit - 9 essential oils

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"I was Normal 3 oil kits ago"

These carefully selected essential oils are ideal for anyone  interested in exploring new fragrances creating their own special blend. The explorers kit is ideal for creating a diffuser blend to fill any room with an amazing aroma giving you a spa-like experience at home.

Kit Includes:

Peppermint:  Fresh, minty scent - Clarity & Treating fevers to vertigo

Tea Tree:  Medicinal, powerful high odor- Good for respiratory, burns, blister, colds & flu

Sweet Orange: Sweet tangy fruity scent - Soothing, comforting

Lemon :Light & fresh scent -  mental stimulant, reviving & Purifying

Lemongrass:  Clean & Fresh scent - stimulating & Soothing

Rosemary:  Fresh woody balsamic scent - Reviving, purifying

Lavender: Light & Floral scent - Soothing ,anti-depressant, calming

Cinnamon: Sweet peppery spicy floral scent - Antibacterial, anti-diabetic, antioxidant properties

Eucalyptus   Fresh and woody scent - Relaxing, clearing sinuses and cleansing properties

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