Nail stamper & polish scraper set

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Nail art stamping is a great pastime to share with family and friends, but especially with children; they love to play with it. A fun manicure can also brighten the day of elderly people.

Our stampers allow you to see where you are stamping so that you can accurately place nail art images on your fingernails. It comes with a protective cap. A protective cap not only protects your stamping head, it also keeps your stamper upright on your table.                

The Stamper is used for nail art stamping, first you should have a nail art stamping plate.
1. Rip off the film on the stamping plate
2. Put a drop of polish on the pattern you want, then use the scraper spread the nail polish evenly, but not to thin as needs to indent the pattern
3. Press the stamper on the pattern, and then print it on your nails

If the nail stamper does not work, please prime the stamper, see youtube ( born pretty how to prime stamper).

                                             Package Content Includes:
                                          1Pc Jelly Stamper+1Pc Scraper

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