EMS Foot Massager - USB Rechargeable

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  •                                EMS FOOT MASSAGE MAT
  • With this amazing Electrical Stimulation massager pad, you will be able to improve sleep quality, relieve plantar fasciitis, and increase blood circulation.
  • Ideal for office workers, sports enthusiasts, the elderly, and people who stand or sit for long periods of time, the smart EMS foot circulation pad is specially designed to relieve foot fatigue and help sculpt your legs. It is extremely effective for swollen legs and muscle fatigue after sports, and for people who wear high heels frequently.

  • There is nothing more important than taking time out to relax every day, no matter what your profession may be, whether you are a retail manager, an executive, or a retired person. The EMS circulation pad is a convenient way to do this.

  • The advantage of the EMS circulation pad, is that the mat is made from lightweight polyurethane, which is flexible and lightweight for maximum durability, as well as being portable for travel.

    It works by detecting the acupuncture points on the feet using intelligent acupuncture technology. As well as stimulating the nerves and muscles in the feet, it also stimulates the ankles, Achilles tendons, and upper leg. Acupressure technology increases blood circulation. This can be used sitting or standing, leaving you feeling more relaxed after use.

    A full range of massage mode settings are available on EMS foot stimulation mat. This allows you to customize the amount of massage you get from any point on the foot. The modes can be adjusted by the remote controller. Aside from that, the mats are easy to assemble, lightweight, and take up very little space, making them suitable for any home


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